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Digitalization readiness index

  • The idea

    The analysis of feedback from Russian citizens during the period of active digital technologies development shows a low level of population readiness for the current pace of digitalization. This is a major barrier to further digital transformation. It is necessary to study and compare the situation in different countries and thus draw public attention to the fact that, along with efforts to develop digital technologies, states should engage in digital education and increase the level of digital literacy.
  • Concept

    The index allows to assess the readiness of society for digital transformation based on the degree of development of digital technologies, the activity of media communication of public authorities and their involvement in dialogue with citizens through digital means, as well as citizens' awareness of digitalization and involvement in digital processes.

readiness index: Russiain October 2021

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  • Methodology of the index is fully accessible
  • Use new possibilities for perfection of communications between government authority and citizens!
  • The digitalization readiness Index methodology is omni-purpose and assesses the potential for digital development and building a dialogue!

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UN study:

Since 2001, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations has been conducting a research of electronic governments of UN member states.

Preparations are for the 2022 research are currently underway The results of the 2020 research are available on the website.

The research comprises:

  • assessment of e-government development degree on the state and local authorities levels
  • indication of the trends and dynamics of the development of e-government in a particular country and in the world as a whole

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